Join us as we explore exciting changes in Asian cuisines around the globe. ACF connects experts and professionals who are dedicated to studying and enjoying the dynamic, influential food culture of Asian communities.

We believe in the importance of tradition and history, yet understand the need to look with clear eyes toward the future.

Speakers and attendees at our events and bi-annual symposia have included distinguished artists and academicians, chefs and farmers, producers and distributors, writers and entrepreneurs. This diverse group gathers in San Francisco, a culinary capital with its own rich legacy of immigration and gastronomy.

Our Events

We’ve put on three scholarly symposia, five panels, a huge Asian food festival, and more, all with the aim to dig a little deeper into the culture, history, and variety of Asian cuisine from a more grounded, factual approach.

Please browse our full catalog of our many past events or check out our quick list below.


  1. Asian Food Beyond Borders : Festival + Symposium

  2. Filipino Flavors : Tradition + Innovation

  3. Asian + Latin@ : Shifting borders, changing tastes


  1. Are You What You Cook? — Are chefs bound by their identities? (full audio)

  2. For the Love of Ramen — The history of ramen, post-war food aid, and more. (full audio)

  3. Foods of Shanghai’s Jewish Communities — A conversation about Jews exploring new flavors in China and the culinary repercussions in post-WWII Shanghai. (video recording)

  4. Food as Medicine — As scientific studies reaffirm Chinese Traditional Medicine and India’s Ayurveda system, food and beverage companies unveil esoterically flavored waters, confections, smoothies, and other trend-setting products. A discussion. (full audio)

  5. Talkin ‘Bout my Generation — Second generation Asian American restaurants. (full audio)


  1. Shanghai’s Drunken Dishes — exploring Shanghai’s cuisine, live demonstrations.

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About Us

The Asian Culinary Forum fosters the exploration and enjoyment of Asian foods from around the world by connecting and sharing the stories, recipes, traditions and innovations of our diverse communities. We present educational, multidisciplinary events and programs that celebrate the rich history and culture of food and drink. And yes, we love eating and sharing good food.

The Forum’s events are open to anyone who wants to learn more about Asian cuisines. Whether you’re a chef, farmer, artist, entrepreneur, scholar, traveler or avid cookbook reader — our goal is to bring you to the table with other passionate, creative individuals.

As a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit, we depend on the time and spirit, talent and expertise of many volunteers and partners.