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Press coverage of our events.

Talkin’ Bout My Generation: Chefs Re-inventing Asian Cuisine

Chefs grapple with 'authentic' Asian vs. California Cuisine 

(ZenKimchi Korean Food Journal)

Is “authentic” just another synonym for “traditional” and how does that color restaurant patrons impression of an Asian-American restaurant's menu offerings? This was one of several topics up for discussion during Monday night's Asian Culinary Forum on "Talking 'bout My Generation: Asian Chefs Reinventing Asian Cuisine.”

Dennis Lee, Richie Nakano and others discuss the redefinition of Asian Cuisine 

(Inside Scoop SF) 

Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine: Do You See the Universe on Your Plate?

Coverage and pictures of our Food as Medicine event on KQED’s Bay Area Bites blog.

Filipino Flavors Symposium

KapaMEALya Dining Group Celebrates the Past and Future of Filipino Food 

(SF Weekly)

Twitter was responsible for the formation of KapaMEALya, which brings together diners passionate about Filipino food, a year ago. "Last year around this time, the Asian Culinary Forum held a Filipino Flavors Symposium," recounts Joanne Boston (@joanneisafoodie), one of KapaMEALya's coordinators. "Bloggers like [former SFoodie contributor] Jun Belen and Arnold Gatilao were there, and I kept seeing all these people on Twitter talking about the event. So I Tweeted, 'We're all at the same event -- let's meet up!'"